World Space Week 2012 with MUET and SUPARCO – Day of 10th October

  • Solar Astronomy Session at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology as part of World Space Week 2012 celebrations.
  • Met officials of MUET and Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO).
  • Open Day, many stalls were setup by different people.
  • Water rocket competition, model designing, and others.
  • We too setup the telescope at stall reserved for us.

Setting up the telescope

  • Soon, students from different schools of city, and those of Mehran started visiting our stall.
  • Had placed a solar filter in the telescope, showed the people “Sun” through it.
  • Session continued from morning to about 3 PM.
  • Lots of visitors, more than 300.
  • Everyone enjoyed.
  • Questions about Dark Matter, Parallel Universe, Mass Variation (Special Relativity).
  • Packed up the stuff and moved to auditorium.
  • Listened to final words from organizers and SUPARCO officials.
  • Back home. Really an excellent event.
  • Big THANKS goes to MUET and SUPARCO for their help and support.

Children looking at the Sun


The Hyderabad Astronomical Society: (L to R) Zeeshan Ahmad, Amjad Nizamani, Astronomer Bilal

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