Easy Guide For Collimating Your Binoculars

Hello all, most of the binoculars users experience the problem when their binoculars goes out of the collimation due to jerks etc. Now its not a big problem to solve it. You too can collimate your binoculars within a few minutes. I have written this simplified tutorial for making it easier to understand and apply the procedure yourself.
  • A binoculars is a pair of refracting telescopes.
  • The alignment between these two telescopes is called collimation.
  • Collimation can be easily disturbed.
  • Collimation can be adjusted easily.
  • How?
  • A few of the steps defined below and a screw driver.


  • Check the collimation in daylight.
  • Focus on a far off building.
  • After focusing, determine which objective shows image up and which shows it down.
  • Determine what side needs collimation and the image needs to be moved where and how much.


An image of a house from a miscollimated binoculars


  • When you are done, you are ready to collimate.

Collimating the Binoculars:

  • Find the porro prism set screws.
  • Mount the bino on a tripod or a bino mount, or put it on some high stool so you can look through the binoculars as you adjust the screws.
  • It also helps to turn the right eyepiece diopter adjustment all the way to one extreme, to make it fuzzy for one eye, while you look at a star. This helps by preventing the eyes from compensating for any small difference in collimation


Collimation Screws Location


  • Working of screws is very simple.
  • Screws move the image.
  • Move the right screw clockwise and the image moves downward and to the left.
  • Move it counter-clockwise and it goes up and right.
  • Similar is the case with left screw.
  • Move the left screw clockwise moves the image to the down and right side.
  • Moving it in counter-clockwise moves it up and to the left.
  • Test it frequently as you drive the screws as to avoid major mis collimation.
  • That should do it. Its never a difficult task to collimate a binoculars.


    1. Very helpful guide.

      • xulfi on October 23, 2010 at 1:59 pm
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      guided well : )

      • Taylor on September 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm
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      you for got at about the other set of screws, forward on the other set of prisms

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