IC1396 – The Galactic Elephant

Here it is, another great shot by Saad. The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula is one of the largest regions of nebulosity in our planet’s sky.

IC1396 - The Elephant's Trunk Nebula

One thing to be noted is the exposure time and the result. Its basically a 50 minute exposure and the outcome is great. Saad says he got more than expected stars in the image. This image is just a smaller portion of Elephant’s Trunk nebula and the entire region is not photographed.

NASA Image of IC1396

The Elephant’s trunk nebula is a concentration of gas and dust. It is now known to be a star formation region. It is located 2400 Light Years away from the Earth in the Constellation Cepheus (The King). It contains several young stars which are less than 100,000 years old.

Location of IC1396 in the Constellation Cepheus



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