A damaged binoculars

My friend Amjad Nizamani purchased a Bushnell 10-70×50 Zoom Binoculars from Lahore. He was to receive it by courier.

I woke up in the morning and Amjad’s and Ali Khan’s messages were on my mobile phone. When I read those messages, land slipped away in front of my eyes. I was being told that Amjad’s Binoculars were broken.

As soon as I got free from work, I went to his home and saw that his binoculars were not broken. That was a relief. But his binocular’s left objective tube assembly was bent. That was an uneasy situation.


Bent Binoculars Before Fixation


Tested the binoculars and found that it was unusable in that condition. Called Abbas Bhai and asked for help. Meanwhile I had told all situation to Ali Khan. He was very disappointed and sad over the situation.

Abbas bhai asked Amjad to unscrew the left objective tube and screw it back on the place. Amjad asked my advice as he was not thinking to do it. I supported the idea because there wasn’t any other option. So finally Amjad unscrewed it and screwed it back to its place.


Binoculars After Fixation


What caused the bent is not known because it was in good packing. No signs of external pressure or force were found.

Sir Ali Khan says that some pressure or heat might have caused the error.

According to me, someone had unscrewed it to check its interior and then he couldn’t put it back on its place.

Amjad tested the binoculars and told me that he was experiencing some dark spots in the field of view. I tested and found that it was a problem which was occurring when we observed while our eyes were almost joined with eye piece. When we put our eyes a little back, this problem was solved.

Reported the problem to Abbas Bhai and Sir Ali Khan. Sir Ali Khan said that this binoculars is behaving naturally and there ain’t any problem.

Sir Ali Khan told that this binoculars has eye relief (made for people with spectacles).

Eye relief is the distance at which eyes should be kept away from the eyepiece while observing. If observing with spectacles, they keep eyes away from the eyepiece and if do observation without them, then the darkness problem appears.

I used the binoculars with spectacles on to check whether Sir Ali Khan was right, and I got great positive result after using it with spectacles.

Amjad again came to me at night and asked me to check it. We were in the street. I tried to observe the Venus, it was looking good but soon I realized that it was odd to use the binoculars in the street.

Amjad asked me to keep the binoculars with me and do some more testing. I checked the binoculars with Venus once again from my terrace, resolved Double Double, saw Moon and found that Amjad’s binoculars is perfect from all dimensions.

Final Words:

Amjad’s binoculars is fit for usage and it doesn’t have any problem. I observed the moon at 70x and could see the craters of the moon and distinguish them from one another. I also resolved Double Double. Crisp views. I love this binoculars.


To observe all those things with clarity, spectacles are a must.


    • Amjad Nizamani on July 3, 2010 at 1:36 am
    • Reply

    Binoculars seem to be in Good condition now. All I need is to get spectacles 🙂

    1. Surely.

    • Rukhama on July 7, 2010 at 5:25 pm
    • Reply

    ohh so u can fix it too…. thats gud

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