Taking Full Advantage of Loadsheding

At 9:45, I went up at terrace with my 10×50 binoculars,

Started Observing,

First looked at Canopus (Alpha Carinae), its a very beautiful sight even with naked eyes, and with binoculars, this star looks spectacular,

Then looked at the Beehive cluster in Cancer and was able to resolve about 30 stars in it.

Then I showed both these objects to my sister and she was very happy to see all those objects which weren’t visible with the unaided eyes.

Then I pulled out a chair, sat and the observed a Double Star in the Ursa Major (Big Bear). Mizar, which is a star in Ursa Major forms a double star with Alcor.

By now, electrons again started to flow in wires so I wound up the Astronomy session for toady.

This is the brightest star of Constellation Carina, its name is Canopus.

The Beehive Cluster in Cancer, its the 44th object in Messier Catalogue.

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  1. Wow. Did you actually count 30 stars in Beehive! Do you have a stand for your binos? Without the stand, it would have been a very hard count 🙂

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